USO condemns union repression at Global Steel Wire (GSW)

USO considers an attack on association freedom the dismissal of two USO union members who only a few hours before had requested wage improvements (Pay Rise) through a fact sheet at the GSW plant. USO union prepares mobilizations as a reaction response.

At the XXIst century, it is absolutely unacceptable that in our country doings of this gravity happens. The two workers, both with a seniority higher than 10 years, have been dismissed during exercising a right consecrated in the Spanish Constitution, Article 28, regarding to free syndication.

GSW management performed neither can nor should be outside of rule of law and nor the established legal system.

GSW leadership can’t pretend ignorance, especially when the new human resources responsible recently placed is the previous Cantabria region Construction Works Director, Ms. Rosa Maria Castrillo.

On the other hand, we call to the Cantabria Government in order to demand to the GSW Management respect to the fundamental rights in their Santander Plant, especially when just a month ago, this company has received from the regional government a warrantee for 13,2 million to cover current expenses.

USO, as it can’t be otherwise, will defend with vigor and determination the rights of the fired comrades at GSW, as well as all the workers. For this purpose, USO will start demonstrations against union repression at GSW. First action will be a concentration on the GSW factory access next 19th Friday at 11:00 p.m.

Likewise, USO is requesting to GSW’s trade union committee, composed by UGT, CCOO and SCAM, to give unequivocal support to the dismissed partners and demand the company to return work them immediately.

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